Second Skin Foundation

Beauty Loop presents the perfect fusion of a skin-care and a make-up: a real-daily treatment that softens wrinkles,

smoothes the skin minimizing and smoothing imperfections and to protect you against the most severe weather conditions.
A foundation dedicated to skin in need of greater protection, hydration deeper and more intense anti-radical action.
Our texture protects the skin from pollution and from the elements with a stimulating, regenerating.

The presence of specific active ingredients ensures progressive results;

The signs of aging are fleshed out, the skin looks more 'relaxed and regains its natural elasticity' and force, giving new energy.



Transparent base to prepare the face for make up.

Visibly reduces the wrinkles appearance and little

imperferctions with a particular polysilicon that fills cuts and traces.

The skin immediately gets uniform and softened to better absorb the colour.

The result is a silk effect and a velvet finish that erases bright spots and prepares an opaque surface to makeup.

Liquid Concealer 

​​​​​​​Full coverage

Having just the right concealer tone and texture is crucial to the success of any makeup look! Pick the Ideal Cover Liquid Concealer and enjoy perfect coverage that lasts. With the help of its specialized application brush you can easily adjust the amount of concealer you need to get the makeup of your dreams. 

wet and dry compact powder

Wet and Dry Compact Powder is a compact powder that can be applied dry or wet. With its special silky texture, it is very easy to apply.

Makeup Fixing spray

Its formula, with cosmetic alcohol that evaporates instantaneously

allows for extreme fixing of your make up, without changing it.

Imperceptible and non-sticky, Make up Fixer is mild on the face

thanks to the special Calendula and marigold extract formula.

The elegant 100 ml size is perfect both to carry in your bag for that last minute touch up

and to keep beside your make up mirror as a final touch for flawless make up.